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Experience the "Oyster Tour of the Shore,"  hosted by our friends at Cape Harbor Shellfish. All weekend long, attendees will have the opportunity to talk (and taste) with six New Jersey-based oyster farmers.  

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Oyster Tour Of The Shore Map (2).png

Tide Riders
Great Bay, NJ
Crisp clean & savory finish. Fresh salty taste. Plump tender meat, medium, round shaped.

Tuckers Island Shellfish Company.png

Crystal Cove
Barnegat Bay, NJ
Substantial brine up front, with a clean, crisp finish. Subtle mineral notes.

Cape May Salt Oysters
Delaware Bay, NJ
Briny flavor with a tender texture and a clean, ocean finish.

Silky Salt Oysters
Great Egg Harbor Bay, NJ
Salty up front with hints of sea grass and ocean brine. 

Sunflower Island Oysters
Brigantine, NJ
Balances of mineral, green tidal grass flavors combined with oceanic salinity.

Ludlam Bay Oyster
Sea Isle City, NJ
Extremely briny and crisp, full bodied oyster with earthy tones and a umami flavor finish.

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